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Difference Between A Juicer And Blender

In recent times there has been a push for a healthy lifestyle with many people keen to consume more natural and wholesome foods in the healthiest and most beneficial forms possible and move away from processed and refined foods which can cause problems within the body...

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Amazing Benefits Of Organic Green Tea

I was at a reunion when I was overwhelmed with the incredible benefits of organic green tea. It happened in a quite awkward situation. I was very confident talking about how valuable being organic is especially nowadays when people are so dependent consuming products...

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Organic Brown Rice

Organic brown rice is becoming increasingly popular as a food choice for many people who are concerned for their health and wish to help prevent various illnesses and diseases further down the line which it can help with. It is no surprise that the rate of...

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Go for Organic Food If You Can Afford

Organic foods are food that contains no contamination of chemical fertilizers, preservatives, herbicides, and additives.  If you can afford the price go for organic food. Being healthy is your most important asset. The secret of eating healthier is to have a variety...

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Choose Organic – Organic Food Is the Best!

If you are concerned about you or your family's health and want to make sure you are eating healthy foods, choosing organic food may be the way to go. What is Organic Food? You have probably heard a lot about organic foods recently. It seems to be a trend that is not...

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The Amazing Benefits of Wheatgrass

Among the green juices available today, organic wheatgrass is the most powerful nutritional drink known to man. Just a single shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to 1 kilogram of any green leafy vegetable. Wheatgrass is the newest popular wonder drink in the 21st...

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Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea is made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates from China and has become associated with many cultures in Asia from Japan and South Korea to the Middle East. Recently, it has...

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Garment That Generates Negative Ions – 100% Imported from Japan

why wear anions

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Negative Ions – Vitamins In The Air

Negative Ion

Cost of health care is ever on the rise as we look for innovative alternatives to take care of our health. Our negative ion clothing, from Japan, has been on the market close to 40 years.

Our product includes clothing, undergarments, and bedding, supporters that use negative ion technology to bring good health, wellness and increase vitality. Anyone interested get a starter kit, please contact Ms Jenny Lim at h/p: 8182 3325 or visit Negative Ion Clothing