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Singapore Organic Gardens Set to Sprout Up

In a corner of Bukit Panjang Park, a pocket-size organic garden is taking root. The plot, the size of a couple of ping-pong tables, is the first of five community crop farming (ComCrop) projects to be set up in the neighbourhoood by next year, and the first such...

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Finding The Perfect Juicer

The main reason why there is not a "perfect" juicer is because different fruits and vegetables have vastly different properties. This ultimately means that a juicing method which is effective for a particular type of fruit may not be the best choice for another....

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Organic Food Products Market Growth

The organic product scene in Singapore is growing annually fuelled by an increasingly health conscious population.  As a result, the market is filled with curiosity and doubt. How is the market in Singapore growing? If so, is this growth sustainable? Yes and yes. The...

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Garment That Generates Negative Ions – 100% Imported from Japan

why wear anions

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Negative Ions – Vitamins In The Air

Negative Ion

Cost of health care is ever on the rise as we look for innovative alternatives to take care of our health. Our negative ion clothing, from Japan, has been on the market close to 40 years.

Our product includes clothing, undergarments, and bedding, supporters that use negative ion technology to bring good health, wellness and increase vitality. Anyone interested get a starter kit, please contact Ms Jenny Lim at h/p: 8182 3325 or visit Negative Ion Clothing