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The market sentiment for organic food in Singapore is growing positively at explosive rates due to increased awareness about the benefits earned by purchasing and consuming organic produce. Organic product farms are more energy efficient than conventional...

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The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

You might have bumped into this post because you are looking for the benefits of coconut oil. Online, you will see many articles, blogs and reviews about it, but what is the real score? As a consumer, you should know what to expect, so from the beginning, it would be...

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The Benefits of Fibre

Ever eaten what you thought was a pretty hefty and filling lunch only to feel the need to snack shortly after? These snacks do add up over time, contributing to a few extra kilos. If this sounds familiar, perhaps the lack of fibre-rich foods is to blame. It is...

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Gain ‘Health’ By Investing ‘Wealth’ In Organic Produce

Optimum health is directly related to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Exercise should be supplemented by a healthy intake of vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. In a recently conducted survey, it has been found that although people are aware of...

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Organic Goodness

Pesticide-free fresh produce is now easily available and more affordable at local supermarkets Demand for fresh organic produce is up but contract farming has helped NTUC FairPrice supermarkets to keep prices affordable for the masses. The homegrown retailer now has...

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