organic food | organic food distributorIf you are concerned about you or your family’s health and want to make sure you are eating healthy foods, choosing organic food may be the way to go.

What is Organic Food?

You have probably heard a lot about organic foods recently. It seems to be a trend that is not going away any time soon. Not so long ago, you could only buy organic foods at specialty grocery stores. Not so any more. Shops that sell organic products are everywhere – from Orchard Road areas to neighbourhood shopping malls to HDB friendly stores.

There are many reasons why some Singaporean love organic food. It is true that these foods are a little more expensive, but there is a good reason.

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown using no pesticides. This is not only better for the environment, but it is better for your health.

Studies have shown that eating foods that are grown using pesticides may increase the risk for developing cancer. So, when you are aware of it and you can afford it, why not go organic?

Furthermore, you will find that many organic food and products have a superior taste and you will feel good knowing that you are eating healthy and helping the environment.

Singapore organic produce market is booming!!!

Consumption of organic produce is on the rise in Singapore. There are several reasons for this meteoric rise. One of the more valid reasons is the rise in migration. Singapore’s attractive job market is reeling in professionals from all over the world. In a recent government report, it is stated that the ministry of manpower has decided to create the ideal market conditions necessary to attract as much foreign manpower as possible. These decisions have an unprecedented impact on the organic produce market in Singapore.
It can be agreed upon that the expatriate community has grown to a level where it can no longer be ignored. They constitute a considerable chunk of the general consumer base in Singapore. Many of the expatriates in Singapore are of Japanese or western origin.  They come from the regions of the world where organic food is a religion. As a result, they instantly become loyal followers of the organic produce scene in Singapore. They also tend to preach the benefits of their organic religion. This in turn generates a lot of interest in organic food among newbies.
Consumers in this tiny island nation are well educated and as a result know the benefits of healthy living. After the outbreaks of epidemics like SARs and bird flu, many consumers in Singapore have switched over to organic produce. They believe that the consumption of organic produce will improve their immune systems.  The government of Singapore also played a major role in the success of the organic produce scene through their ‘healthy living’ campaigns.
The growth in the organic foodstuff market is quite literally mind-blowing. Existing supply cannot meet the rising demand. Corporate food giants in neighboring countries are getting themselves ready to fill this void. The health food market in Singapore is booming and everyone wants a piece of it. More and more exporters and distributors are starting up shop in this market.  The market has become highly competitive.  However, this situation benefits customers to a large extent. They enjoy lower prices and a wider range of products.
Singapore is home to one of the world’s busiest ports and is one of the largest transnational shipping hubs and ship refueling centers on the globe. The organic market in Singapore is slowly trying to position itself as the predominant health food market in the SEA region. With the right strategy,Singapore can become the re-export hub for organic products inAsia and reap huge profits there on.