In recent times there has been a push for a healthy lifestyle with many people keen to consume more natural and wholesome foods in the healthiest and most beneficial forms possible and move away from processed and refined foods which can cause problems within the body in the long term.

We are always told about the healthy benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables but most of us simply do not consume enough of these foods on a daily basis. However, one of the best ways to ensure that we are getting enough fruit and vegetables into our daily diet is to purchase a juicer or blender.

So let us determine some important differences between a juicer and blender.

*** A blender is basically designed to liquify food through the use of its high speed blades.

*** A blender will keep the juice and pulp intact and will not separate them.

*** A juicer on the other hand does separate the fruit and vegetable fiber from the actual juice of the fruit and vegetable.

A ‘regular’ blender requires longer time of making juice, and fruits must be peeled and seeded-out before they can be processed. After blending with a regular blender/juicer, a lot of residue is left with very little actual juice. The residue contains a lot of nutrients which goes to waste because they are not part of the drink and are usually thrown away.

In my opinion, the use of a blender retains more of the essential nutrients and fiber of the fruit or vegetable and hence is more beneficial for our health. Pineapples, avocado and green vegetables are good foods to juice in a blender. You can also add a bit of water to the food, while blending, to maintain a good liquid form. Once the fruit and or vegetables have been blended, you can drink it immediately or strain the juice to separate some of the pulp from the juice.

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