Optimum health is directly related to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Exercise should be supplemented by a healthy intake of vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and carbohydrates.

organic healthy lifestyleIn a recently conducted survey, it has been found that although people are aware of the benefits of consuming organic food, majority still go for conventional foodstuff. The biggest reason is that organic foodstuff are alot more expensive compared to consuming conventional foodstuffs.
Flashy articles about organic produce may be recently popping up in all the major health magazines. But the organic produce market has existed in Singapore for many years. Organic food used to be the principal nutritional option for a certain niche crowd. There are several reasons to become an organic food fan. 
Firstly, organic food is the healthier choice. It contains no artificial msg. Pesticides and harmful chemicals are not used in the process of production. Cancer patients have been found to have high levels of pesticide toxins in their body. Accumulation of these toxins may also cause organ damage. Stringent quality control makes sure that the organic produce is of the highest possible quality. 
Secondly, Organic foods contain higher quantities of selenium and vitamin and anti-oxidant properties. Heart disease and cancer are one of the top people killers in Singapore. Studies have shown that organic produce may help in preventing conditions such as coronary heart disease, cancer and prepubescent (child) hyperactivity. 
Thirdly, Organic produce lacks additives like monosodium, glutamate, aspartame and other hydrogenated fats. These elements usually lead to heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Artificial coloring and artificial sweeteners are also not present in organic produce. As a result, the demand for organic produce has skyrocketed in Singapore.
Organic food is slowly recognized as the wiser, tastier and healthier choice.