Organic foods are food that contains no contamination of chemical fertilizers, preservatives, herbicides, and additives.  If you can afford the price go for organic food.

Being healthy is your most important asset. The secret of eating healthier is to have a variety of food in the right proportion.

Here are the four main food groups:-

(1)  Meat and meat substitutes

(2)  Soybean and soybean products

(3)  Fruits and vegetables

(4)  Grains, cereals, nuts, and cereal product

Our daily meals should mainly consist of food from the four food groups. As much as possible, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Remember that healthy diet is one that is high in nutrients and low in fat, sugar, salt, and cholesterol.

Below are some tips on the proper way of cooking when preparing healthy meals:

–  Trim excess skin and fats before and cooking meat when preparing meat

–  As much as possible avoid fried finger food. Steam, broil or bake instead of frying with your food with oil.

–  Use less salt. You can substitute herbs and spices for salt. Try to add some lemon juice in some dishes.

–  Avoid artificial colorings, additives, salt or sweeteners and sugar.

–  Saturated fat from meat and hard cheese should be avoided. Too much fat may increase the risk of health dangers like heart diseases.

–  Eat more fruits daily.

–  Processed foods can be harmful to our body. Processed foods are sausage, ham, and bacon as these types of food contain additives and excessive salt.

Food is still our best medicine. We can restore our own health using the ancient practice of naturopathy that is making use of our body’s natural resistance to cure our illnesses.

Recently organic food in Singapore is becoming more and more popular as Singaporean knows the importance of eating organic food to better health.