The organic product scene in Singapore is growing annually fuelled by an increasingly health conscious population.  As a result, the market is filled with curiosity and doubt. How is the market in Singapore growing? If so, is this growth sustainable? Yes and yes. The organic produce market in Singapore is booming. It is growing at explosive rates.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Recent outbreaks of epidemics have scared people into being more health conscious. They believe that the consumption of organic product will improve their defences against such diseases.  Lower prices for organic food products and a much more comprehensive range are the other reasons.  Migration of western expatriates into Singapore has added to the ever growing consumer base.

The number of suppliers in the market has increased. More and more supermarkets are stocking up on organic foodstuffs due to the rising demand.  The entire market is literally ‘on the move’.

According to popular research, the organic product market has seen a fifty percentage increase in the last few years alone.  Wider distribution networks haven ensured that these organic products are available in most sub urban supermarkets and certain major wet markets. Accessibility to these products has greatly improved which aids in attracting more consumers.

Organic produce has been embraced by both the young and the old in Singapore.  The young working crowd constitutes a major chunk of the consumer base.  The market growth has benefitted local advertising agencies and distributors as well. With the rise of more organic suppliers and their various brands, spending on advertising and distribution has been raised.

The organic produce market in Singapore has come to a point where supply cannot meet demand.  Corporates in neighbouring countries are getting ready to fill this void and generate huge profits.  This situation indicates a positive change in general public’s attitude towards food organic and healthy lifestyle.