Organic food are becoming more and more popular among Singaporeans as more people are aware of living the healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food.

According to renowned medical expert and Nobel Prize Winner Mal Nikoff:

“The food clogged in the colon system will turn into harmful body waste, and inadvertently, poison the body; this will bring about illnesses and aging”. This constitutes the medical arena’s diagnosis of “self-induced poisoning”.

In the words of American doctor, Henry.B.Bieler, during his 55 years tenure, he has come up with four conclusions:

1)      The root of major diseases stems not from bacteria infection, but in reality, originates from poisoning in the food consumed. This will contribute to the disintegration of body cells and lead to toxicity in the body.

2)      In most instances, using drugs to heal sicknesses may be dangerous. On the surface, the disease may have been cured but in essence, elements from these drugs may be detrimental to health.

3)      Consuming organic food is the ideal remedy to cure illnesses as well as to strengthen the body constitution.

4)      The natural healing system supports naturopathy. Man becomes ill as a result of toxins accumulated in the body. Diseases are caused by the harmful accumulation of toxins in the body.

So, have you heard of the popular saying ‘Your food is your best medicine’?  Eat organic food and live an organic lifestyle if you can afford it.