As previously discussed, Organic vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. Among the extensive range of organic produce available in Singapore, organic vegetables are a popular choice. Imported organic vegetables sit side by side with locally grown ones in supermarkets. Due to land scarcity, expansion of local production is virtually impossible.

In recent years, local production coupled with imports has been unsuccessful in meeting the rising demand for these products. According to various reports, organic vegetables tend to be the most popular of the lot. Vegetables are considered a vital part of diet in most cultures. As a child, our parents have pestered us to finish our ‘greens’. 

Recently, more and more organic marts have opened shop in Singapore. These supermarkets have a considerable stock of organic produce and maintain a much more comprehensive range of products. Customers are spoilt for choice in such supermarkets. From organic grains to fruit juice, everything is easily available.

New consumers usually want to know about the various health benefits associated with the intake of organic produce. How does organic produce improve overall health? Does it improve the body’s defenses against cancer and other terminal diseases?

Over the years, reports have shown that the lack of pesticide use in the process of organic food production is beneficial for the body. The body does not have to strain itself to get rid of the toxins, as is the case with conventional foodstuffs.

There are also the campaign by groups or organisation extensively encourage more and more consumers to switch to healthier organic produce. Promotional events and advertising by local organic foodstuff distributors and retailers will support this process.

A wide range of organic vegetables is currently available in Singapore. These vegetables are fresh, healthy and can supplement regular vegetables in any dish.