organic wheatgrass benefit | wheatgrass juiceAmong the green juices available today, organic wheatgrass is the most powerful nutritional drink known to man. Just a single shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to 1 kilogram of any green leafy vegetable. Wheatgrass is the newest popular wonder drink in the 21st century. Well, I cannot say that it is entirely new. This power drink has been used for so many years. Dr. Bircher-Benner, a famous Swiss doctor, has been using wheatgrass juice since 1800s. I have also read some reports that state that wheatgrass juice has been used since the 16th century to treat various diseases. However, it is only today that the benefits of drinking wheatgrass have become known to man.

The Pioneer of Wheatgrass

One of the first few people who have pioneered and developed the importance of wheatgrass juice is Dr. Anne Wigmore. Dr. Wigmore studied how wheatgrass can restore the health of ill people, including those with terminal diseases like cancer. She devoted most of her life teaching ill people how to use wheatgrass juice to regain their health.

Major Benefits of Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

One of the Primary Sources of Chlorophyll

One of the great things I have found out about wheatgrass is it contains chlorophyll. In fact, wheatgrass is one of the major sources of chlorophyll in the world. Many people regard chlorophyll as “liquid sunshine” or “concentrated sunshine”. This is probably the best way to describe chlorophyll. In essence, chlorophyll is exactly that. It is sun’s energy trapped inside plant’s fibers. Try extracting the juice out from the fibers of a wheatgrass. The output is literally sun’s energy, only in juice form.

The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass provides many health benefits. One of these benefits is building blood.  It has been reported that the molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to human blood. Their only difference is that chlorophyll contains magnesium, while hemoglobin contains iron. Because of this similarity, our body can easily convert chlorophyll into human blood. This increases the number of red blood cells. It also helps our blood in delivering nutrients and oxygen all throughout the body. It also helps regulate our blood pressure and fight carbon dioxide. It also helps in alkalizing the body. The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass can also highly improve the performance of the body’s intestines, heart, lungs, uterus and vascular system.

Chlorophyll also contains antioxidant properties. These antioxidants can help fight and destroy known diseases, even cancer. It also helps in preventing our body from acquiring such diseases due to its ability to fight free radicals that damage our body. Aside from that, chlorophyll found in wheatgrass can also help in cleansing the body and strengthening our immune system.

It is rich in amino acids

Did you know that one ounce of wheatgrass juice already contains about 20 amino acids? Yes, that’s right. By drinking just a small amount of this powerful drink, you are already getting enough amino acids in your body. These amino acids are considered as protein’s building blocks. The amino acids found in wheat grass are glycine, arginine, methionine, serine, lysine, absenisic, tryptophane, alanine, aspartic acid, phenylalanine, valine and leucine.  These amino acids help in cell regeneration and growth. Aside from that, these amino acids contain all the vitamins in the B group. It has vitamin B12 as well as the vitamin B17, which is said to help fight and even prevent cancer.

It has no gluten and rich in enzyme

They say that you can never be rich if you do not have enough enzymes in your body. I totally agree. Enzymes are responsible for many bodily functions. Without enzymes, different parts of our body may not function very well. This is another reason why you should drink wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass contains more than 80 enzymes. These enzymes help improve our digestive system. It also detoxifies and cleanses damaging substances in the body. In addition, enzymes are also responsible for the chemical changes that happen to our body in order to maintain good health. By drinking wheatgrass, you are also giving your body sufficient enzymes that will your body parts perform its primary functions.

Gluten is actually a grain that people find difficult to digest. Most people think that this power juice contains gluten since it comes from “wheatgrass”. I’m telling you now, this is not true. Wheatgrass actually comes from the sprouted grain. You can stop worrying about gluten since wheatgrass does not have it.

It gives you the “wheatgrass high”

More and more individuals are enjoying drinking wheatgrass because of one unanticipated benefit. People who drink wheatgrass juice often experience an almost immediate “high” right after taking it. Some people describe this “high” as something similar to caffeine. The only difference is that the “wheatgrass high” does not give you the negative effects that caffeine gives.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people now turn to wheatgrass juice. With all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it contains, you are already getting all the nourishment that your body requires. Wheatgrass juice is indeed the best health insurance that you can ever get.

All of us know that health is the most important thing we should take care of. Yet, only a few people do something about it. Organic wheatgrass is becoming more popular not just because it is the latest trend. More people drink wheatgrass juice because they actually realize that it really has something to offer to our health.

And as more people turn to wheatgrass juice, including me, the benefits of wheatgrass has becoming more obvious. Now, many of us have come to realize the truth about the saying, “prevention is better than cure”.


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