The market sentiment for organic food in Singapore is growing positively at explosive rates due to increased awareness about the benefits earned by purchasing and consuming organic produce.

Organic product farms are more energy efficient than conventional farms and pose lesser risk to farmers. The produce itself is of superior nutritional value and taste. The market for organic food in Singapore offers numerous opportunities for the novel distributor looking to expand his/her presence in the organic produce industry in the SEA region.

organic food | organic food singaporeOrganic Food Singapore – Opportunities for distributors

This article aims to educate fresh distributors about the various processes that can be followed to penetrate into this upcoming yet crucial market and successfully tap into its ever-growing profit wells.

Extensive market research is the first step in creating and establishing a successful organic produce enterprise in Singapore. It is quintessential to learn about all the aspects of the market thoroughly so as to make informed decisions about pricing and other issues. Once you have gained an understanding about the customer preferences in organic food and their general outlook, you can proceed to the next step – networking.

Networking will assist you in locating local distributors with a proven track record with whom you can forge strong and sustainable relationships. This will prove extremely beneficial for your business in the long run.

Since you have now established a reliable distribution network, you should aim to expand and improve it. Local agents are great assets in realizing this goal. They know their way around the market and have silent knowledge about the tacit working environment in Singapore. They will no doubt help you to move your organic products faster and further in the market.

The final step is marketing strategy. Organic produce is a not a new market in Singapore.  It has existed for many years with a small although loyal growing community consuming it. That said, the organic produce market is heading up an upward trend in Singapore and reports confirm that this is set to continue further.

More and more Singaporeans and expatriates are opting for organic products. Traditionally, Organic produce usually appealed only to a niche crowd due to lack of awareness and high prices. With the outbreaks of SARs and bird flu, the government has campaigned actively to educate people about the benefits of healthy living.

People are more and more concerned about their health and look to organic produce as an alternative source of healthy food, which they believe, will improve their immunity against such diseases. Even though the prices for organic produce have not come down to an affordable level, people are still turning to it. This suggests that the demand for organic produce is slightly inelastic.

New distributors can effectively penetrate this market and increase their market share by reducing their prices and expanding their range of products.

Packaging your organic food is another vital step in securing your place in this industry. Small and attractive packaging will encourage new consumers to try the organic produce. Including discounts and recipe booklets will attract more consumers as well. The packaging should also be able to withstand the climatic conditions in Singapore.

The organic food produce scene in Singapore is booming. In conclusion, this would mean an ever-growing market with untapped potential for any organic produce importers and distributors.

With the government awareness programs and migration of expatriates into Singapore, the organic produce panorama is set to expand even faster. With the right business strategy, organic food shops can gain a major foothold in this lucrative market.

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